Q. How do you install the Blackbox?


A. Typical location for a Blackbox is located behind the rear view mirror. If your vehicle comes with a rain sensor located behind the rear view mirror, The Blackbox may be installed either right or left of the rear view mirror.


Q. What is the maximum recording length with a 16GB micro SD card?


A. Allowable recording time varies between 4 to 8 hours depending on the setting of image quality. A 32 GB memory card will last roughly between 12 to 16 hours. When the memory is full, it will overwrite the oldest file automatically.


Q. What is the recommended memory card that is compatible with your products?


A. We recommend using only Major Brand (Sandisk/Transcend/Samsung) Class 10 memory cards. Other brand may cause problem and instability issue. We also recommend MLC type memory cards. TLC type memory is capable of only 1,000 read/write unlike MLC which is capable of 10,000 read/write function.


Q.  What is the standard installation package?


A. Standard installation includes:

a) Fixing the recorder to the wind screen

b) Access the fuse box or the lighter receptacle tapping to the Blackbox.

c) Concealed wiring from the recorder to the power source, we will not use the existing external charger outlet.

d) Adjust the best camera angle with the monitor screen.

e) Installation fee may vary with different car makes and models.


Done! Blackbox installed.


Q. What is the typical installation time required?

A. Estimated 30 to 40 minutes.


Q. Can I have the recorder keeps recording during parking even after I had stopped the engine?


A. In this case, the recorder needs to be connected directly to the battery source (permanent supply of power to the recorder). The recorder may drain the car battery and battery maybe too weak to start the car if the car is parked continuously for a long period of time. If you do not intend to drive your vehicle for some time, detatch the BlackBox from the vehicle.


Q. Will the Blackbox drain the car battery while on Parking Mode? What if I can’t start the car?


A. Normally, most Car DVR’s on the market utilize between 0.2Ah~0.3Ah of power when the engine is turned off. With this much power usage, you’ll need to use the car 2~3km per day to prevent full drainage. However, our Blackbox cameras are installed with auto shutdown software that cuts its usage of power to prevent further drainage if the battery current drops below 12.2V (this setting could be changed). Despite this preventive measure, if you don’t plan to use your car for more than 3~4 days, you can also choose to shut down the Parking Mode.


Q. What is the purpose of “Parking Mode”?

A. When “Parking Mode” is activated, the recorder will only record to memory card when a shock or motion is detected on the vehicle. A scene is recorded between 5 to 10 seconds prior to the shock or motion detected. The camera in essence is always recording to the buffer memory but will only save to memory card when needed.

Sensitivity for the motion and shock detection can be adjusted from the PC software by the user. There is individual setting for shock sensitivity during Parking Mode for “Up/Down”, “Left/Right” and “Front/Back” detections.


Q. What is “Event Recording”?

Event recording will be activated if there is shock detected above the allowable threshold setting by the built in G-sensors. The recorder will keep on recording while driving but when a shock is detected, it will activate the file as “Event recording” hence this file can be managed as protected file by the software configuration (this will delay the overwriting of file automatically.) Using our PC software, you can identify Event Recording files easily, and are able to quickly zero in on any suspicious events.

Sensitivity for the shock detection can be adjusted individually for Up/Down, Left/Right and Front/Back during normal recording. Separate adjustment is configurable for “Parking Mode”.


Q. What is the warranty period for the Blackbox?

We offer 12 months warranty for Blackbox units 


Q. Can I purchase the product without installation?

Yes you can but we do not recommend it unless you are experienced with aftermarket car part installation, as we want to provide the best result with the installation by our professional installers and dealers. Our accredited dealers and installers can be found on our webpage.

Q. How long does it take to process orders?

Orders are processed in 2-3 business days.